What we do

Negotiation Partners provides expert negotiation support, consulting and skills training.  We work with clients from all industries, because negotiation is a core business skill.  Our clients include government agencies, companies, business schools and single individuals.

Our clients appreciate what makes us unique:


We have a very simple mission: to help our clients to deliver outstanding results.  We measure our performance by the success our clients achieve.

Effectively Free

Our flagship negotiation skills programs will more than pay for themselves within three months - we guarantee it. Some clients recoup their investment in the first negotiation after the program. This makes our training programs a risk-free investment.


All of our international team are professional negotiators with a track record of success in different industries and across the globe.  You are working with seasoned experts, who have the CV and the scars to prove it.


We practice what we teach – and we only teach what actually works in practice.  Our 'no-nonsense' approach to co-operative negotiation is both effective and efficient in delivering good deals more quickly.


Our teaching and consulting work is about raising the skill of individuals.  We achieve this through personal coaching in small groups, not chalk & talk.


On-going support and skills development are an important part of every program.  Our coaching team remains an accessible resource to each and every participant long after the end of a program.


Programs include pre- and post-course diagnostics, online videos,  eBooks, skill guides, easy-to-use templates and webinars.  We also use sophisticated video technology to support the coaching experience and provide real-time feedback to participants.  The system works. 

That's what our clients have called "a refreshing change".


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